Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition


The Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition (OREC) was founded in 2005 by Sean O’Neill (founder of Symmetrix) and Carolyn Elefant (Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant). The mission of OREC is the advancement and commercialization of offshore renewables, including offshore wind, ocean wave, OTEC and ocean and stream based tidal and current (hydrokinetic) technologies. In 2006 OREC lobbied for federal funding for offshore renewable projects and tax incentives to stimulate private investment.

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In the past year ocean energy technologies have gained significant exposure, and some remarkable achievements have been accomplished. The Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition has been connected to many of these ventures and remains dedicated to advancing the cause through their website and publications. Thier website includes a library of ocean resources, complete with links to papers that deal with economic benefits of developing wave and tidal resources.

OREC’s recent alliance with the Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA) was designed to connect ocean based renewable technology providers with electric utilities interested in investigating and pursuing ocean energy technologies. The alliance will give NWPPA member utilities a twenty percent discount on OREC annual dues. NWPPA is also providing a twenty percent discount to OREC members. “We think the alliance between NWPPA and OREC can help facilitate and grow relationships between ocean technology providers and electric utilities interested in developing a reliable, affordable, clean generation portfolio,” stated Sean O’Neill, President of OREC.

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