The Wave Energy Consortium (WEC) purpose is to bring wave power conversion to the forefront in development, application and usage throughout the world. That there is water covering two thirds of the world and that that water is replete in energy has captured the imaginations of many throughout time. The harnessing of Wave Energy has been a dream of visionaries for centuries and the Wave Energy Consortium is bringing today’s visionaries together in order to make those dreams reality. To that end, WEC will post innovations from any part of the world, made by any organization. Further the WEC will promote collaborations for Financial Resources, including (but not limited to) grants from governments, foundations and corporations.
Fundamental to the WEC will be our members’ opportunities to communicate online via webinars, forums and social networking. We believe it will be our open forum that will bring about new possibilities for wave energy conversion for us all.

The Wave Energy Consortium is your place for everything related to Wave Power; Laws, Resources, Businesses and individuals making a difference in the matters of Wave Energy Conversion will be found here. The Wave Energy Consortium site has business news, videos, opportunities for development, financing, partnerships, special or government announcements that are important to those working with Wave Power. We offer members special access to member areas where users can see special reports, announcements relevant to doing and expanding business in the wave power industry.

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